Fresh from Our Fields Today

Every day during growing season, our fields supply the freshest organic greens and vegetables to our customers. Equinox customers can click on the today’s harvest icon to be taken to our online ordering page.

Our Mission

A lot has changed in the 28 years since we arrived in Hillsdale full of bright eyed idealism and wild schemes about organic farming and put our shovel in the dirt. But, the essentials remain very much what we started with: the belief that organic farming really does make a difference to the world we live in. Our dedication to the methods of sustainable agriculture have, if anything, grown stronger over the years. With it, our desire to offer our customers the freshest possible products we know how to grow and source continues to drive our business.

Our Values

As farmers we need find a way to support ourselves and our families through the simple act of growing crops and bringing them to market. Yet every day we see how living with respect for the soil connects us to land beyond the land we farm, to our neighbors and our communities. In other words, farming sustainably is more than agriculture, more that just growing and harvesting.

Achieving sustainability means we are able to serve the needs of the present without impacting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. To succeed, we must be stewards of the land, and more. We must to consider the working and living conditions of those who work for us, the health of our customers, the needs of our communities. To succeed, we must speak up, and do more to educate. We must do these things for the present, with thought for the future. Ultimately, we cannot be satisfied quietly maintaining the natural resources under our control, our goal should be much more.

Old is New This Growing Season

We’re going back to the days before we focused so heavily on greens and once again offer a wide variety of garden vegetables. I have to admit I was sort of pleased that Michael Ballon dubbed me “the King of Greens.” Now I want to see if I can earn a new nickname that has something to do with vegetables. So be looking for lot’s of delicious new stuff from us from Arugula to Turnips.

Welcome to the Farm

We’re going to begin welcoming customers to the farm. By the time harvesting is in full swing, we will have moved our washing, sorting and prepping operation from “The Shed” – our longtime production base up BowWow Road about a half mile – to a spot right at the edge of our fields. For the first time in our history, farming and production will be together.

Tours and Education

With our operation together in one location, we hope to be able to offer an occasional tour of the farm and talk about how we do things – from our sustainable practices to our thoughts about the role farming plays in our community beyond simply supplying food. We’re a busy working farm, but if you call ahead and give us some notice, we’ll often be able to show you around and would be delighted to do so. We’re especially interested in hearing from teachers who would like to bring their classes to Equinox. It’s so important for our kids to understand where their food comes from and we’d like to do our part.

Working with Equinox

We welcome new business and the opportunity to show you what we can do. We’re proud to say that after 28 years in business we are working with many of our original customers. We encourage you to ask around about the quality of our products and our service.

Opening an Account

If you are interested in discussing working with Equinox and have never done so, we encourage you to give us a call and speak to Ted. Our credit requirements and terms are typical of the industry. You can begin ordering and if you prefer, we are now able to take online orders. Orders received by noon can generally be delivered the same day.

Restaurants and Markets that Feature Our Products

We like to think the quality of our greens and vegetables are confirmed when top restaurants and markets in the Berkshires, Boston and Manhattan buy regularly from us. Check out the list of wonderful restaurants, cafes and markets on the right.

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