Hello from Equinox Farm

Equinox farm is a completely organic farm located in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, close to the Hudson Valley and Litchfield County Connecticut.

We are proud to be able to say that Equinox Farm was the first organic market garden in Western Mass. That was in 1983. Today, 28 years later, we are as committed to the principals of organic soil management and sustainable farming as we were when we began turning over the soil all those years ago.

Fresh from Our Fields

Every day we publish a list of greens and vegetables that are available for order by our restaurant and market customers. Click the Today’s Harvest icon on the left to be taken to our Online Ordering Page. A service for registered users only. If you’re not a wholesale customer, we invite you to shop for our extremely fresh greens and vegetables at number of the best local markets, including the Coop in Great Barrington, Guido’s in Great Barrington and Lenox, and at Price Chopper locations in the Berkshires.

More Than Commerce

A casual look around our site will reveal that we aspire to be more than a place where business is conducted digitally. One aim is to modernize how we interact with our customers, of course, but our wish is the transcend commerce alone. We live in a time where local agriculture has re-entered the national dialogue. Interest in the work of farmers large and small appears to be more widely noticed and discussed. It’s as if the old is new again. With so much time invested in understanding how things grow, we are delighted at this turn of events and look forward to sharing what we have learned.

Our New Website

After years of making do without a presence on the internet, we are pleased to be here. We look forward to this site inspiring a lively agricultural dialogue. So please, take a look around. If you are moved to strike up a conversation with us, we will have succeeded.

A Brief Tour. Exploring a new website for the first time can be sort of fun and we don’t want to spoil that for you. Still, we’d like to call your attention to a few areas we hope you will both enjoy and find especially useful.

Navigation. In addition to the normal navigational cues found on most websites, the insert shown here with three icons appears on a number of the website’s pages and

provides easy access to information that seems especially important to us. The vegetable basket links to all the crops we grow throughout the year. The fork, knife and spoon to the many fine restaurants and markets that serve or retail the vegetables and greens we grow. And the chef’s toque links to pages on some of our region’s wonderful chefs and the recipes they have generously provided to our website.

Farm & Field. The enthusiasm our neighbors and customers have for sustainable agriculture has prompted us to devote an area of the website we’re calling Farm & Field to provide our take on the subject. We’ll share how we approach raising the crops we sell and why. If you click on the Our Crops icon, or go to the Our Crops page, you’ll see a listing of all the crops we raise throughout the year.

We’re excited to be linking Our Crops to the Johnny’s Selected Seeds website–a wonderful employee owned provider of quality seeds from nearby Maine. Click on a particular vegetable or green, and you’re taken to the associated page on Johnny’s website where you’ll get solid growing information on that crop. Elsewhere on the Johnny’s site is a wealth of great knowledge for serious home growers and gardeners–including how-to videos, a plant library and a great blog. We’ve been buying all our seeds from Johnny’s for years and are proud to associate Equinox with Johnny’s. We encourage you to explore their website, if you pride yourself on your home gardening, you’ll definitely thank us.

Chefs & Recipes. Equinox Farm has been doing business with restaurants since it’s inception in 1983. Restaurants and chefs are still the foundation of what we do. We like that because we love food, both as growers and consumers, and who has more passion for great food than chefs? When we decided to include recipes on the website that showcased what we grow, it was obvious: ask the chefs we work with to get involved and create recipes for you to enjoy at home. So, take a look at the Chefs & Recipes area. It is premiering with 3 delicious recipes from Chef Brian Alberg of the Red Lion in Stockbridge. Our intention is to grow this area over time to include recipes from a number of our region’s top chefs.

Ted’s Blog. As someone who has spent his entire adult life as an organic farmer, Ted Dobson, Equinox Farm’s horticulturalist, general manager and farmer-in-chief, has developed some strong opinions about the land, its uses and misuses. It would not be an exaggeration to say he is passionate on the subject. Ted’s Blog will be a forum to give expression to these views and Ted is hopeful that you will enter into a dialogue with him on the importance of our proper stewardship of this beautiful area where we live.

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