Fresh from Our Fields Today

Restaurant and market customers, the lineup of vegetables and fresh greens available today can be ordered online by clicking on the Today’s Harvest basket icon.

The Full Growing Season’s Crops

Click on the Our Crops icon on the right side of this page for a list of every crop we will grow this season. Select a crop and find useful information about that crop, including harvesting season, health benefits. tips for growing at home, and recipes from chef’s at our favorite restaurants.

New This Season – Greens & Vegetables from Arugula to Wild Arugula

For a number of years, Equinox has focused on growing the best greens we know how. This practice has served us well and we take great pride in the quality and variety of greens we bring to market. But recently, we’ve begun to miss cultivating the full range of crops we supplied our restaurant and market customers in our early days. So starting this year, look to Equinox for a broad range vegetables, along with our greens. We’re excited about this and plan to offer you some special varieties of a range of vegetable crops. We encourage you to check out the Our Crops section of the site to learn more.

Honoring the Soil

As any experienced organic gardener will tell you, growing healthy nutrient-rich food crops year after year – growing anything for that matter – is all about the integrity, the sustainability, of the soil. Managing and improving the soil itself is as important, if not more important, than tending the crops. Principals we take for granted today’s were, well . . . revolutionary not so many years ago.

Alan Chadwick – Teacher, Guru, Patron Saint

We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.
Alan Chadwick

Many consider the inspirational teachings of English master-gardner, Alan Chadwick, to be the identifiable point of origin for what we currently know about sustainability. Although he died in 1980, his name and accomplishments continue to be invoked by the top farmers-market growers throughout the country at every conference on sustainable agriculture. Possibly the most important person you probably never heard of, Chadwich is one of 6 charter inductees to the Ecology Hall of Fame along with Rachel Carson, John Muir, Henry Thoreau, John Burroughs, and Aldo Leopold.

Following in Chadwick’s Footsteps

A teenager, I journeyed to UC Santa Cruz in 1980 with dreams about organic farming and the intention of soaking up everything I could about Chadwick’s method. The great man was laid to rest that year, but his spirit and principals were alive and well – as they are today. It was an amazing place and time for me. I left three years later, totally committed to the concept of organic farming and confident I knew enough to start my own farm. I think it’s safe to say there would be no Equinox Farm without Alan Chadwick and Santa Cruz.

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